Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Shall Keep Singing

I like this poem from yesterday's Writer's Almanac. It makes me hopeful and kinda happy, two h-words that I've craved of late.

"I shall keep singing!" by Emily Dickinson.

I shall keep singing!
Birds will pass me
On their way to Yellower Climes—
Each-with a Robin's expectation—
I—with my Redbreast—
And my Rhymes—
Late—when I take my place in summer—
But—I shall bring a fuller tune—
Vespers—are sweeter than Matins-Signor—
Morning—only the seed of Noon—

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mixed Emotions

Phew. I have some mixed emotions right now. I'm not sure what music suits it either. Something ambient like Thievery corporation or Air may calm me, Patty Griffin would make me cry which is probably an appropriate response given some news I got today.

However, I've just returned from 3 hours at a crowded bar listening to bands perform some of the greatest "sing-a-long songs" of all time - a fundraiser. Our assignment was AC/DC's Back in Black. We practiced lots and had a total blast, but the hours of waiting around were tiring. Our slot of 9:40 ended up as 11:14. oops.

After Drivin n Cryin did "Going straight to Hell" and Colonel Bruce Hampton botched up "Everyday people" on comes Ming... we had fun. I'll just know to come an hr later than promised next time.

Back to my emotions I'm sitting here coked up on adrenaline from rocking for 3 minutes, trying to quiet the confusion in my head. But I think toward tomorrow, and our Radiohead concert tickets...I cannot wait. Then this other thing Friday, then that other thing marches, but underneath it all, the current of friends who are really hurting. So what the hell should I listen to? Aaaah. Jeff Buckley. Perfect.