Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Time is on my side

Who would have thought that with all this time on my hands, I'd be sitting here in a University cafe, hurrying to get this entry in. You see, with the advent of WiFi connection here on campus, now Jeff and I must share his laptop, and he has much work to get done these next few days. I too, have much work to do..namely, cleaning our Mobile Home because my parents are coming to visit this evening! I will try my best to cleanse the impression of squallor ;-).

Here is a weekend trip sandwich for your pleasure. First, we scurried off to visit the Chateaux country and had a beautiful weekend away. SEE PICTURES HERE.

The following week provided its own adventure in Nantes as I worked toward my goal of: Being Able to Use the Gym. Oh the story is long and Kafka-esque but the clif notes...
To use gym must have MEdical Certificat. For medical certificate (i thought), you need social security card (which i've already paid for but am still unregistered). For social security card, I need proof of residence, a bank account and a birth certificate. Birth certificate must be translated. To find a translator I must go to the Town Hall. Town hall man #1 gets help from town hall man #2 (neither of whom speak any English). Town hall men 1 and 2 wait in line on my behalf for town hall woman #3. Town hall woman #3 prints me 5 pages of maps and names of translators - no "American" translators in Nantes. Only "Anglais" (c'mon, its just for words like "date of birth" is there really American vernacular that somebody from teh UK wouldn't know?). Town Hall woman #3 also recommends a visit to the office of Foreign Affairs (provides another map) where they may speak English and be able to help with the fact that I don't even have my Birth certificate or a copy there-of in France. I leave town hall, trying to hold in my laughter.

Long story much shorter...went to doc without social security card, was no problem. Quit my pursuit of foreign affairs officials, translators, etc. ...still haven't used the gym.

Part 2 of Weekend trip Sandwich - Normandy beaches, Caen War Museum, Bayeaux cathedral and tapestry....SEE PHOTOS HERE.


Matt Elliott said...

"Oh the story is long and Kafka-esque..."

Hey -- at least you didn't wake up transformed into a large insect!

Have fun with the fam.

Annie said...

I love how you can find the humor in the midst of some frustration! Bet your Francais will improve amazingly over time - down to nearly the halfway mark now, eh?
Does your mother parlez la langue?

Looking forward to hearing/seeing more as you have time! :)

Anonymous said...

Katie...typical American w/bad geography and too self-absorbed to open a's the impact of the rioting?

Mazie Lynn

Katie W. said...

um..typical person enraptured by Swiss Alps...I didn't know there was rioting in France until i just logged onto Google news today. Jeff and I are currently at the L'abri Utopia on vacation for a week (in and around the area). I'll check back when we return.
(and I'll go read the news now).