Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup

Jeff and I just returned from 4 days of vacation at Amelia Island, courtesy of Emory. Jeff actually had to work the mornings, but in the afternoons we were able to do fun things like play tennis, read by the pool and throw frisbee on the beach. (And stroll lovely canopied paths like that pictured at right). Mind you, any of the aforementioned activities required fierce fueling up with electrolytes, or just plain water since the heat and humidity were pretty intense. Oh well, what better place to be in such conditions than by the pool with an ocean breeze (or on a breeze-less tennis court? ...we're crazy like that).

Speaking of tennis...I found that in lieu of reading celebrity gossip magazines by the crowded pool, I preferred to hunker away most mornings in the hotel room, enjoying sports heaven. I tell you, I had French Open finals to watch, and World Cup matches from 9-3 everyday and no other real kind of vacation. I'm not like most other girls with this sports fascination, and I'm okay with that. But, so I don't sound like too much of a vacation spoiler, I did sit by the pool and read through one whole celebrity gossip magazine and sip a pink frosty drink while a guy played Jimmy Buffett covers in the background. In my other free time, I preferred to join with the world in watching the greatest game, with rapt attention.

Sadly, our US team's much anticipated opener vs. Czech Republic didn't go as well as I'd hoped. I had a dream last night that we'd gotten the game time wrong so we couldn't get to the pub in time. I had a hard time falling back asleep. I'm pretty excited about this World Cup thing. As exhibit B - Jeff and I skipped work today to join some friends at a pub and watch the match. Despite the loss, I was glad to have done it.

Hey, if we can't live in France least we can act like Europeans!

Allez les Bleus (pour mes amis Francais!)
& Go USA.

"Don't blame the sweet and tender hooligan..."


Maïwenn said...

Hello !!!

I am disappointed for your soccer team. Moreover I bet on the victory of American because you said they are very good... Today "les bleus" will play their first game and I hoppe I will be able to leave work to watch it.

Allez les Bleus & Go USA !!!

Maïwenn (& Sylvain)

Matt Elliott said...

If we got to lose to someone, it may as well be to the Czechs! Just think how happy Honza is right now! :-)

Andrew said...

I just feel bad for Italy. We're going to take out all our frustration on them. And they're already dealing with the scandal and everything. So sad

Meg Flannagan said...

Dude, I'm with you and the World Cup. While I'm not a huge sports fanatic, certain events draw me in - the World Cup being one. I am not cheering for the USA, though -- the UK and Ireland hold my heart.

Katie W. said...

Ah yes, I know our Czech friends are loving it right now (probably much mnore that us Americanos would have loved winning).

Meg, I hear ya on the UK's so sad how BADLY the Brit's want this Cup.

I think the real winner here is Andrew and Donna - they're IN germany for the festivities.