Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Newest Weaver

Frankly, I've dreaded this first blog entry in months and months. Why? Well, la vie Weaver has been awash in changes and I just didn't feel like going into all of it. So, for the sake of brevity, and to not use up my verbiage capital on a pure "update" entry (there is, after all a restaurant review all ready for posting!), here is a bullet list of what's new. And accompanying pictures:

  • I quit my job at National Allergy Supply, Inc. (but will continue to do contract authorship of their monthly e-newsletters). Don't worry. I still believe in non-drug allergy, asthma and sinus products.

  • We have a new "child". Vital stats as follows:

  • **Name: Buckley (aka Buckles, Buckster, Buddy, Boy, Child, stinkin' dog)

    **Age: 11 wks. (pictured w/ Jeff at 8 wks)

    **Breed: Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

    **Key Features: Hypo-Allergenic (i.e...no dander or shedding!) and massive cute-ness

    **Size: Increasing by the day. He'll be about 40 lbs

    **Favorite Activities: Stealing shoes to chew on, chasing leaves, playing with my nephews, hiking...then sleeping.

    **See some professional quality photos from Buckley's "photo shoot" HERE - courtesy Michael Shivers.

    ..and more news...
  • We're moving...into my sister's house (not with them...). It's next door.

  • Their fam (pictured here minus 1 boy, plus our dog) is moving away from our beloved neighborhood. I'll miss them so much. They'll miss Buckley.

  • We're planning on renting our house to our friends Rick & Kristen and their fam.

  • Coming soon: Dual housewarming blowout. Monitors work b/t the houses.

  • Jeff and I just celebrated our 3 yr anniversary last week...hence upcoming restaurant review.

  • And last...but still least:
  • I have a small gig next Tuesday. You're invited. I'm playing piano and singing Ming Dynasty songs. I don't really play piano well, so you should come, just for the spectacle.

  • That's us, in a nutshell.


    Rachel said...

    Love the dog, am laughing that you have a photo shoot of your dog.

    I have more q's re: the house... so did you call, make an appointment, make an offer, etc.? how does that work when it's family? i guess you can speak of supposed drama on here... ;0

    and for clarification, i'm flattered you mentioned by blog btw, but want to clarify that it's purely about moi, not intervarsity. the organization might want to be cleared of any connection!

    love ya!

    Matt said...

    I still can't get over the fact that a dog can be described as "hypo-allergenic"...next they'll be making them with "Lemony Fresh Scent!" :)

    Great shots of Buckley on Michael's site, by the way.