Friday, July 13, 2007

Various and Sundry

Hi friends -
Time has ticked by, and so has the appropriate-ness of my planned blogs about the Gold Cup, Fathers Day and other life events that are suddenly tucked away into the past. I did feel it timely to give a brief update on life and ask you to keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I head out bright and earlier tomorrow morning for Guatemala. I'll be joining a team of 15 others from my church to work with an outreach in Guatemala City called Hope 4 Guatemala. We'll be doing things like building a library, marking and cataloging books for said library, and teaching about 150 kids a day Vacation Bible School-type lessons and encouraging then to dream big things for their lives. We'll help feed them...for many of the kids, its the only full meal they get in a day. Plus, each team member is hauling down an extra suitcase full of things like shoes, toothpaste, paper, and other vital supplies for the outreach to these impoverished children and their families.

I'm excited about the opportunity. Its definitely kicked my Spanish practice into high gear having to translate Bible lessons, learn Spanish songs, etc. needless to say, I've been watching more Univision than usual...and not just because they're the only ones showing good futbol matches.

I hope to do some on sight reporting from Guatemala City, but given the patchy internet service, my best bet is good ol' pencil to paper journaling and pictures. Here is our team.

Before I part, I must also mention that I have just returned this evening from seeing The Decemberists at Chastain Park Amphitheatre. I regret that my review will be brief, for the music merits more than a few passing adjectives, however, see above for my raison du brevity. The show was at Chastain, a daunting enough venue for any serious musician as you must compete with yuppies gleefully chatting, the crunch of Carr's water crackers and cheese and the clinking of $10 chardonnay (people spend a few extra when its a concert night...).

Note that I say none of the above to belittle such traditions. I sat happily listening to the Crane Wife, a Decemberist title track, while munching on Gouda and sipping a mediocre white wine. That's what Chastain is for..your inner Yuppie.

Anyway, open-air ambience aside, the music was the main event. I regret there were not more people there to enjoy a marvelous set by the musically diverse quartet from Portland. Of course, the drama was enhanced a few degrees by their back-up band - the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. While for some artists, this summer-stock fare can add more cheese than have 6 Chastain tables (read: when I saw Peter Cetera a few years back). However, the Decemberists worked well with the accompaniment, their songs were bigger, and still enjoyable.

All for now, I must rest before tomorrow's long day. Hasta luego amigos. Espero que pueda escribir mas despues del viaje. Et pour mis amis Francaise....Bonne Fete du Jour Bastille!! J'espere que vous bouverez un Pastis pour moi et Jeff! Allez les Bleus.


Matt said...

Good luck! The team has been in my prayers. I'm sure it will be an amazing experience.

Marci said...

Thanks for the update, Katie. I'll be praying as you and the team travel, build a library, and minister to the kids. I pray God uses you all in a big way, but at the same time touches each of your hearts.

Andrew said...

Safe travels. Buenos suerte.

Matt Elliott said...

Praying for you in Guatemala, my friend!

Annie said...

Looking forward to hearing all about the trip, seeing that photo reminded me of my trip to Costa Rica - great people on a mission from God. We must discuss who you think will win SYTYCD - and did you not LOVE Pasha & Sara last time!!? The Rockafella Skank is one of my guilty pleasure songs!!

Shelly said...

Buena suerte, amiga-- espero que te vaya con Dios, y tengas mucho diversion durante tu viaje. Seguro que la genta alli seran bueno y simpatico, y tendrĂ¡s muchas memorias buenas a traer contigo.
Espero que nos vemos despues de tu vuelta, para que puedo oir todas las historias "directamente de la boca del caballo." :)

Hasta luego Katie, y pasan un buen tiempo~