Thursday, January 24, 2008

So THAT'S Why I Feel This Way!

It's been too long since I've posted something...anything. And while I've dutifully commented on many a friend's blog about this and that, my own has been kicked aside, wallowing in shame and emptiness. Perhaps, my blog should heed this article, too.

Jan. 24 called worst day of the year

- British psychologist calculates ‘most depressing day’

Dr. Cliff Arnall's calculations show that misery peaks Monday.*
Arnall, who specializes in seasonal disorders at the University of Cardiff, Wales, created a formula that takes into account numerous feelings to devise peoples' lowest point. Read More

*note: This study was published in 2005. So with his calculations, the most depressing day of '08 was PROBABLY Tuesday 1/22. Folks were back to work after a long weekend, snow was melting, and no more vacation day prospects until memorial day...

Anyway, rate yourself on the different factors mentioned in the article. I know I completely relate with the factors (M) low motivational levels and (NA) the need to take action.

All said, I am proud to say I'm still sticking with the New Years resolutions, only because I didn't really make any.

Happy "Most Depressing" Day!


TwoSquareMeals said...

I heard that guy interviewed on NPR about his study. It is so true! Luckily for me, we had a warmish and sunny day yesterday to counteract some of that depression. I don't know how, but it even affects my kids. January is just a hard month!

Matt said...

I totally fact, January and February are most depressing months in my opinion. Cold and dreary without any good sports at all (aside from the superbowl). I mean who wants to watch the NBA?

Happy most depressing day to you too!

Rachel said...

hilarious!!! ok, call me crazy. but i kinda love this month b/c everyone finally has time to kick back and relax and hang out! many of the holiday to-do lists as well as travel are done.

so i think the best way to kick the pants off the most depressing day is to come up here and hang out in my house! ;)