Monday, January 24, 2011

Hand in the Cookie Jar

Sometimes kids are just one running sermon illustration after another. And I'm not even a preacher.  I just see Hadley do things and think, "Gosh, I KNOW I heard some pastor tell a story of their kid doing something like this." 

Right now, she is playing contentedly with a small babyfood jar and a plastic pacy clip.  She puts the pacy clip in the jar, reaches in with her little hand, but realizes she cannot release her hand from the jar whilst gripping the pacy clip.  She cries, first at the surprise that her hand now resembles a glass jar. Then at the frustration that she cannot extract the pacy clip.

Guess it's just like us and (insert worldly object of desire here).  We can't truly be free until we release our grip on it.  Only then can we be released from the...cookie jar?  Mmmm...if sin is cookies, then I want more sin.

Anyway, Hadley's moved on to a new game, but it was funny for a few minutes seeing her waving around her little jar-nub hand.

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