Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Apology, Pictures

I apologize for the angry tone of my last post. I thought to remove it, but then decided, "no, this is a good snapshot into some of the way we've felt during certain times here". Obviously its posting fine: for a moment there, i was just, as our host professor here, Msr. Benoit Journe says "how do you say...ah...furious?".

Okay, so they are not viewable from here, but if you have a few moments you can view photos from our time so far, including Jeff as trailer trash, Benoit's sweet family, and some pics from one of our weekend trips. Some have captions, others have comments. It will help you know what you're looking at.


mdshivers said...

great photos! I don't have an account with Kodak yet, i know that a lot of people use Flicker

Hope you guys are doing great! Looks like it!!

Katie W. said...

AH yes; flicker. Some folks recommended photobucket too i think. Kodak won't let you retain the high res unless you buy them. Oh well; its what we got now. Signing in is easy too.