Sunday, September 04, 2005

Our Home In France

Many have asked, and some have been answered that we will indeed be living in a trailer park in France. Here is a brief description from the "campground" website that has been brilliantly translated by Google for your reading enjoyment, and to get a taste of the upcoming Weaver Abode.

"With two steps of the centre town , the Camp-site of the Small Port accomodates the campers , but also the caravans and the motor homes within a green framework in the heart of the city.
24 mobile-homes (O' hara or Willerby-Abi) are also proposed with the hiring. All the hotel comfort combined with the charm of the sport
The camp-site of the Small Port, it is also an easy access to the relaxation and the leisures:"

And in another bit of humour, our trailer is called O'hara. I will thus ask all the residents to call me Miz Scarlett.

We leave Tuesday, our house looks as if every closet in the house vomited all over the floors...a colorful array of shoes, clothes, coats, adapters, books...and they must all fit in 2 suitcases. see ya.


Matt Elliott said...


I hope you and Jeff have a WONDERFUL four months months in your French trailer! :-) I'm so pleased that you're blogging now, and I look forward to reading about your adventures. I pray you have arrived safely and are getting settled in nicely. Can't wait for an update!

With love from ATL ~

Katie W. said...

SOOO, i've tried 3 times to post something to no avail. Not sure if its a computer security issue or I misread some french command. I can view them in the index' just not real time. Hope all is well with everybody!