Monday, February 21, 2011


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I'm trying to make sense of Twitter. Whether it is a meaningless, time-sucking medium or something of an ingenious, culturally appropriate way to communicate is hard to say.  I mean, I don't think it's the latter, but what do I know.  Seriously, what do I know?  Not a lot, especially about Twitter.  I haven't figured out all the slang, what with all the RT's and @ symbols and hashtags (is there a bank of hashtags from which to call or do you make them up as you go?).   I'm also trying to understand the relational aspects of the medium.  There's this giant, growing web of interconnectedness.  But it's not like facebook where you can comment directly on posts in a personal way.  You sort of can, but as I understand it, it becomes yet another worldwidely accessible thing that happens to be directed at a single person solely because you threw an @ symbol in.

Is Twitter a marketer's dream (see: Dogfish Head / Red Cross faux pas gone good)? Will it bring peace to the Middle East (or at least democratic governments)?  Will it eclipse Facebook?  Will I succumb to the machine and 'follow' Justin Bieber?

Because these questions are being asked (all but the last one, really), I feel I need to be in on it, at least enough to talk about it at the watercooler.  Sheesh, I think i just stumbled upon my life philosophy.  Be in on "it" enough to be able to talk about it, or enjoy it with friends, but not enough to pay for your college or land you an awesome job.  Hm, this self-illuminating moment brought to you by Blogger. And Twitter. #secrettobeingeasytotalktoatpartiesbutnevermakethecoverofTimemagazine

So, Twitter is interesting.  My lineup is intersting.  Not sure what it says about me, but I'm sure some marketing exec knows exactly what it says about me, and good for her because I don't care.  I just want to know what Ellen, Conan, Vanessa Hine, Stuart Holden, Carlos Bocanegra, Thomas Friedman (never posts), Johnny Wier, SportsNation, Kim Clijsters, my sister and a few others have to say about the world.  And gosh that @stuholden has a lot to say about the world.  And he posts cute pics! And lots of these: :-) !!!! (I've decided that his twitter persona is as 110mph as his onfield presence. And that's a good thing.

P.S.  Add me.  You won't be sorry. (but you may not be impressed).  @kwittgens

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Claire Kiefer said...

So funny about the bluebird since I totally just got it from google image! As for twitter, I haven't figured it out either. I signed up for an account a while back so that I could follow Suri Cruise (that is, a snarky celeb blogger? who, for a while, was tweeting as Suri Cruise) cause it was HILARIOUS . . . but I've never actually tweeted myself. I'm still pretty puzzled by the whole thing! But I'm glad to know what my favorite QB (Drew Brees!) is up to all the time. :)