Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Signs of the Age

10 Signs that I'm Old(er).  In no particular order.

10.  We just got our "Willmaker Plus" software in the mail. Blech.
9.  I've been to bed before 9:30 twice this week.
8.  The show Parenthood makes me cry, like weekly.
7.  I thought The Hangover was pretty funny, but was NOT amused by all the baby shenanigans.
6.  When I see teenagers at our local park, I sort of grumble to myself, "hmph. crazy teenagers...go somewhere else to smoke and makeout."
5.  I *sometimes* turn it to B98.5 (easy listening)..just for nostalgia. (But if I listen too long I feel like I'm at the dentist. )
4.  I met an acquaintance for lunch this week.  We talked a lot about home improvements.
3.  When the local highschool lets out and I see kids (yes, I said "kids") walking home, I sometimes think "how did your parent let you out of the house wearing that!"
2. I always regret not bringing ear plugs to concerts.
1.  I recently spent way too much (by my meager standards) for a way-to-little container of "facial creme." Because that's what one does when one becomes an adult. I think.

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Sarah said...

I hear ya' on # 9, 5 and 3.