Monday, March 07, 2011

Oh What a Universe

"Wouldn't it be a lovely headline... ' Life is Beautiful ' on the New York Times? "
- Rufus Wainwright, "Oh What A World"

Last Saturday I had some restless sleep. At about 1am I took at peak at Twitter and was surprised to see author / pastor / speaker Rob Bell as a top Twitter trend.  Okay, I know this story is SO last week, but since reading about Bell's forthcoming book "Love Wins....,"  I've been doing a good bit of reading and stewing on the issues of Salvation, Heaven, Hell and bathroom renovations (but that's a separate issue).  Critics quickly pounced on the "universalist" implications of his book promo video.  Bloggers called for calm.  Tweeters wrote Mr. Bell off. The New York Times picked up the story.  It's been a fascinating week if you're into this sort of thing.

Among the things I've been reading:
Greg Boyd's take on the  "Is Rob Bell a Universalist" issue.  Hint: He's actually read Bell's book.

A thorough article on hell from Tim Keller. 

And, because I am a confessed quote-o-phile, I will leave readers with this thought-provoking little gem from Bishop Kallistos Ware, Orthodox Author and Theologian.  (h/t theycallmepastorbryan )
How are we to bring into concord the two principles, 'God is love', and 'Human beings are free'? For the time being we cannot do more than hold fast with equal firmness to both principles at once, while admitting that the manner of their ultimate harmonization remains a mystery beyond our present comprehension… Our belief in human freedom means that we have no right to categorically affirm, 'All *must* be saved.' But our faith in God's love makes us dare to *hope* that all will be saved… Hell exists as a possibility because free will exists. Yet, trusting in the inexhaustable attractiveness of God's love, we venture to express the hope – it is no more than a hope – that in the end… we shall find that there is nobody there. Let us leave the last word, then, with St Silouan of Mount Athos: 'Love could not bear that… We must pray for all.'
        - Kallistos Ware | The Inner Kingdom

Is there something worth adding to my reading list? Have you heard about this hullabaloo? Bathroom renovation suggestions? j. 

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